How I chose my Christmas Advent Calendars

For five years, I’ve eyed the Liberty Advent Calendar. After the craziness of the last three years and believing that the world is going to end soon, I decided to purchase two advent calendars. After watching several YTers, low key stalking makeup announcement and release instagram accounts, and just generally, searching the internet, I whittled my list down to four from which I decided to pick two.

For a while, the Flannel and Liberty calendars were the finalists… till I realized that Flannel doesn’t deliver to Canada. With my heart broken, I had to eliminate the Flannel calendar from the shortlist.

I then decided to purchase one western and one eastern/K-beauty calendar. Which meant that I had to choose between Liberty and Cult. While Cult had more products, it had so many fillers and products I wasn’t interested in. For K-beauty I couldn’t find much information about a calendar from Stylevana and I did like the contents of the Yesstyle calendar.

How I made my choice

When I was searching for a calendar I was looking for one that included the Augustus Bader cream and/or a Foreo UFO. Cult and Flannel calendars included the Augustus Bader cream, but I could choose only one between Liberty and Cult. And as mentioned before Flannel doesn’t deliver to Canada.

When I had decided on the 4 finalists, I created a spreadsheet with all the products listed out. My decision was made based on: how many products I’d use, how many I’m excited about, how many I knew I wouldn’t use and how many full size products were included. I also didn’t want a calendar with any or many hair products (which Cult had).

View the spreadsheet here. The spreadsheet was created based on information on the internet.

Here’s a comparison of the Advent Calendars:

4 hair care, 15 skincare, 4 make up, 2 masks, 3 perfumes, 2 candles0 hair care, 13 skin care, 9 make up, 1 mask, 1 make up remover7 hair care, 20 skin care, 5 makeup, 1 mask, 1 perfume, 1 sleep mask, 1 gummy, 1 candle and 1 perfume2 hair care, 9 skincare, 9 makeup, 1 scent, 1 candle, 1 nail polish and 1 lashes
Out of 30, 20 are full sizeOut of 24, 20 are full sizeout of 38, only 13 products are full sizeout of 24 products, 11 full size
I’m excited about most productsI’m excited about most products6 products I’m excited about4 products I’m excited about
None I hateNone I hate2 products I hate2 products I hate
More perfumesNo Hair careIncludes Augustinus BaderIncludes Augustinus Bader
Better productsFoot mask as opposed to face masksFull Charlotte tilbury paletteIncludes a Pat Mcgrath palette
Less HairNo fillersGlow recipesLesser hair
Makeup heavy
Too many mascarasSome shimmer eye shadow I don’t care abouttoo much hair careToo many lipsticks
Lots of fillers like sleep mask, gummy,Too many fillers like lashes and nail polish

I’ve created separate reviews for the two calendars I finally picked:

Featured Image by Torsten Dettlaff:

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