West: Liberty Advent Calendar 2022

Read how I chose this calendar

The Liberty Advent Calendar has been on my wish list for a long time. I’ve always hemmed and hawed because of the price of the calendar. In the last three years I couldn’t even think of purchasing it because of changing personal circumstances and unexpected expenses like taking an unplanned vacation last December. This year, with no plans to travel anywhere or any other large expenditures, I decided to splurge on the Liberty Calendar.

As per my previous post, I’ve been searching for a skincare heavy calendar because there are so many types of skincare that I want to try and too lazy to search for. Lately I’ve been searching for chemical exfoliants, eye cream (because my eye area is very sensitive) and retinols. I actually walked into a shoppers near my house and almost purchased an eye cream.

The beautiful calendar design

Placing the Order

The one thing I’ve realized about ordering from the UK is how… how do I put this… primitive they are when it comes to digitization, e-commerce and supply chain management. I had placed an order from Liberty and another luxury retailer (a post on it coming soon) and with Liberty the chat function on their website just didn’t work. Which is surprising because the chat function software they use is pretty famous. That aside, it was easy to order but I hate that the new customer promo code doesn’t work for such orders. Surprisingly, I received it in a few days — quicker than expected.

Not surprisingly, this calendar isn’t sold out. First, this is a once in a few years purchase because of the exorbitant price. Second, all the people who truly wanted to try the calendar have already purchased it; it’s laggards like me who are purchasing it now. Finally, recession; disposable income is hard to come by.


I love the packaging of this calendar. It’s so sturdy that it survived shipping between UK and Canada. The lid of the calendar is stunning and so is the peacock print inside. The advent calendar is gold on the sides.

Now, if I were to nitpick, then I’d mention how the finish the calendar has some minor flaws including the gold paint wiping off on the products.

Products in the Calendar

Before I begin, let me explain the sizes:

Deluxe sample: It’s not sample a size but not a mini

Mini size: Are existing mini sizes that the brand already sells
(It looks like Liberty seems to count them as full size product)

Carriere Freres Tomato Candle (Day 4), Aveda Botanical Repair Leave-in Treatment (Day 5), Wild Source Miracle Oil (Day 3), Davines Oi (Day 2) and Sunday Riley Autocorrect Eye Cream (Day 1)

Day 1

Sunday Riley Autocorrect Eye Cream
Deluxe Sample (15 ml)
I’m so excited for this. I’ve been looking for an eye cream, but waited for this calendar instead. I knew that if I’m going to purchase the advent calendar then I’d rather make use of the one I’d receive in the calendar than purchase one.

Venn Vitamin B Activated all-in-one Serum
Deluxe Sample (20 ml)
The seems like a UK brand and I’ve never heard of it. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Day 2

Davines Oi
Sample (50 ml)
This is another UK brand. It seems to be a hair oil and I’m looking forward to trying it.

Day 3

Wild Source Miracle Oil
Sample (15 ml)
This product has such awful label design. If you have visual impairment then you can’t read anything on the label. It’s awful for people with disability.

Day 4

Carriere Freres Tomato Candle
Full Size
This smells so good. It’s smells fresh with a subtle tomato smell. I was pretty sure that it would end up smelling like Tomato Soup but it is more sweet and not spicy at all. This was a pleasant surprise.

I hope it smells as good when I burn the candle and doesn’t lose its scent after a few hours of burn time (*cough* Bath & Body Works).

Day 5

Aveda Botanical Repair Leave-in Treatment
Travel Size (25 ml)
This is the second of four hair products. It’s one of those popular advent calendar products.

Dr. Barabara Sturm The Good Vitamin C serum (Day 7), Larry King A Social Life For Your Hair (Day 8), Vilhelm Parfumerie Peony Couture Eau de Parfum (Day 6), Bamford Citrus & Sage Hand and Body Wash (Day 9) and Hair by Sam McKnight Deeper Love Hair Treatment (Day 10)

Day 6

Vilhelm Parfumerie Peony Couture Eau de Parfum
Travel Size
This is a beautiful fresh and floral scent with a hint of pepper. It’s not a unique scent — it reminds me of Chloe and Joe Malone’s pear scent. It had good sillage in the first hour and then started losing scent after 2 hours. You can smell it on your skin for almost 8 – 9 hours which is great. But somebody needs to be sniffing your skin to smell it. Which helps in certain situations.

I wouldn’t purchase the full size. This is not my type of scent.

Day 7

Dr. Barabara Sturm The Good Vitamin C serum
Sample (10 ml)
This brand’s products seem to also appear in most advent calendar. I’m neutral about this brand.

Day 8

Larry King A Social Life For Your Hair
Deluxe Sample (30 ml)
Another popular product in Advent Calendars. I think I’ve seen it in 3 calendars already. Never heard of the brand, but I like that it’s a deluxe size sample.

Day 9

Bamford Citrus & Sage Hand and Body Wash
Travel Size (2 x 50 ml)
They’re such cute bottles of Hand and Body Wash. I couldn’t really smell it but I’m definitely going to carry it when I travel next.

Day 10

Hair by Sam McKnight Deeper Love Hair Treatment
Mini Size (50 ml)
Common product in most advent calendars. I’ve read good things about the brand so I’m looking forward to trying it.

Liberty Clear Mind Roller Ball by Aromatherapy Associates (Day 12), L:A Bruket Lip Balm (Day 11), Verden Abrorealist Bath Oil (Day 15), Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream (Day 13), QMS Medicosmetics Advanced Collagen Serum and Trish McAvoy Tubing Mascara (Day 14)

Day 11

L:A Bruket Lip Balm
Full Size (14 gm)
I love this lip balm. It’s more of a block of oil which melts as you apply it. I love the ingredients and I love how it feels on my lips. It’s not a heavy oil so it doesn’t feel sticky. But because it’s light, it’s not enough for winter — I’d need to layer another balm like the elf Ride or Die lip balm over it.

I did notice that it lightened my lips a bit which was unexpected. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

Day 12

Liberty Clear Mind Roller Ball by Aromatherapy Associates
Full Size (10 ml)
This scent is a special edition essential oil fragrance created for Liberty. Funnily, it smells exactly like Pacifica’s patchouli scent. For me this is a skip, I’d rather purchase the Pacifica products.

Day 13

Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream
Deluxe Sample (30 ml)
This sounds like an exciting product. It seems to be a UK brand and I’ve never heard of it. But it looks like a nice thick moisturizer.

Day 14

QMS Medicosmetics Advanced Collagen Serum
Sample (10 ml)
This is probably the only product I was not excited about at all. Slathering on Collagen doesn’t help your skin. Collagen needs to be consumed in food like soups and broths. This is a skip, I’ll probably gift it to someone else.

Trish McAvoy Tubing Mascara
Full Size
So, I’ve tried this and I liked it. Is it the best mascara? it’s not. It does make my lashes long and makes my lashes stay up but does not make it thick. I don’t think it performs any different from my favorite Essence Lash Princess. I must mention here that Lash Princess flakes on me but this doesn’t, so it’s a bit better I guess.

Day 15

Verden Abrorealist Bath Oil
Deluxe Sample (55 ml)/Travel Size
This is a decent sized product. I love bath oils like L’occitane’s Almond Oil bath oil in the winter. I’m excited about using it.

Seated Queen Cold Cream (Day 19), Zelens Emulsion D (Day 20), Surratt Lipslique in eglantine and MZ Skin Hydra Lift Gold Face Mask (Day 16), Dr. Sebagh Retinol Night Repair (Day 18) and Malin+ Goetz Resurfacing Face Serum (Day 17)

Day 16

Surratt Lipslique in eglantine
Full Size (1.6 gms)
Love this! It’s a beautiful mauve with a berry undertone and has a slight shimmer. It’s the perfect daily nude for fall. I love everything — the color, the formula and love how it looks on my lips. It’s a light formula but it has an amazing shine and lasts pretty long.

I will say this though, the packaging looks cheap and is awful for people with disability because of the dark print on dark bullet. but the lipstick is amazing. I love it so much it sits next to me in my home office.

MZ Skin Hydra Lift Gold Face Mask
Full Size
Another Advent Calendar product. I’ve seen it in so many calendars by no. Never heard of the brand, but a Gold Face Mask, sign me up!

Day 17

Malin+ Goetz Resurfacing Face Serum
Sample (30 ml)
This is a product I’m excited about. I’ve heard so much about Malin+Goetz. I’m looking for brightening products and I hope it works for my sensitive skin.

Day 18

Dr. Sebagh Retinol Night Repair
Full Size (30 ml)
I have kinda heard of this brand — it’s not exactly ubiquitous in North America. But I am looking forward to adding this retinol to my skincare

Day 19

Seated Queen Cold Cream
Mini Size (30 ml)
This is another product I’m excited about. It looks like a thick moisturizing cream which I so need for winter. It reminds me of Ponds Cold Cream somehow.

If it works, I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size.

Day 20

Zelens Emulsion D
Sample (30 ml)
Another product I’m excited to try. I’m always looking for a good moisturizer and finding a good moisturizer that doesn’t cause breakouts is so difficult.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive, REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask and Uoma Beauty Drama Bomb Mascara (Day 22), 1111SKIN Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask (Day 23), Rose Inc Brow Gel (Day 21), Le Labo Thé Matcha Eau de Parfum (Day 24) and Liberty Hera Candle (Day 25)

Day 21

Rose Inc Brow Gel
Travel Size
I’m so excited to try this and I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint. I rarely use a brow gel but when I do, it’s one of those days when I’m going for a glam look. I’ve used the elf brow gel and I like it.

Day 22

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive
Full Size (60 ml)
I’ve been thinking of trying chemical exfoliators and this is one of the three exfoliating masks in this calendar. I’ve seen so many positive reviews for this on Sephora so I’m super excited about trying this.

REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Full Size (50 ml)
This is the second chemical exfoliating mask and I’ve been using it for the past two weeks. I did observe that as soon as I use it, for the first two days, my skin looks great. It doesn’t make my very dry skin soft but it does make it look brighter. I’m going to use it few more times before I form an opinion on it.

Uoma Beauty Drama Bomb Mascara
Sample Size (30 ml)
I’ve heard of this brand and I’ve always wanted to purchase Uoma makeup. But I’ve never been inspired to purchase anything. I kinda missed out on this Egypt inspired collection (I probably would’ve purchased it if knew about it).

I’m excited to try it because the blue version of this mascara has positive reviews. I have to admit, the gold and the blue packaging is stunning.

Day 23

111SKIN Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask
Deluxe Sample (30 ml)
Another product that’s commonly found in many calendars. It uses a mix of chemical and physical exfoliators so I’m looking forward to trying it. It’s a fancy product (as most products in this Calendar are) and there’s a chance I wouldn’t purchase a full size unless it performance that well.

Day 24

Le Labo Thé Matcha Eau de Parfum
Sample Size (15 ml)
This is a unique unisex perfume that has notes of green tea in it. It’s a warm scent that smells woody and fresh.

Unfortunately, it smells very masculine on me. I love unisex scents from Tom Ford because they always smell feminine on me… rather it retains some femininity on me. This is a pass for me but I’m so glad I got to try it. I might purchase other scents from this brand though.

Day 25

Liberty Hera Candle
Full Size
I was so excited about this candle because the packaging is stunning. But the scent thew me off. The opening notes were sweet but then the amber and moss rushes in and throws you off. I hope it smells better when I burn it.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, I don’t regret this purchase at all. I loved unboxing it, I’m excited about using the products; I don’t like the price tag, but this is definitely a gift and once in a lifetime purchase.

Should you buy it?
If you can afford it, are looking for a skincare heavy advent calendar and are fine with trying new brands then I’d suggest looking at this one as an option. I like it.

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